Psychometric assessment provides an objective summary of an individual’s abilities, behavioural styles and cultural fit and is an excellent predictor of performance. Integrating aptitude and / or ability tests, with a psychometric profile, represent the most powerful and cost-effective way of understanding and predicting a person’s behaviour in any role. An appropriate test battery can be tailored to meet the specific roles ranging from sales, technical and middle management, and senior executive roles.

Psychometric testing provides unique information, not available from other sources, to assist with the decision. The reports, which are personally interpreted by our British Psychological Society (BPS) qualified registered practitioners.

Psychometric testing provide

  • A candidate’s psychological profile matched precisely to the job vacancy, with interpersonal and skills based competencies as set out in key performance indicators
  • Unique information, not available from other sources, to assist with the decision
  • Appropriate tests tailored to meet specific roles, including sales and customer service; technical and middle management; senior and executive roles.

White Rose Recruitment provides a range of affordable on-line and supervised tests, which will assist you in making the right selection decision.

The benefits of psychometric testing

  • Reduces the hiring costs: hire the right person the first time
  • Ensures objectivity: evaluate candidates using objective information
  • Enhances job selection procedures: develop targeted reference checks and interview questions
  • Identifies strengths and development needs: initiate development and training plans for your staff
  • Predicts behaviour: discover the work preference and true potential of prospective employees
  • Fast turnaround: your report will be emailed to you within one business day of the test.